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you should also state the shipping information in the PayPal website
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The billing occurs after confirming the order in X-OnSports
company X-onSports Operates an online store to sell equipment To professional and extreme sports.
You can pay by credit card (VISA, Mastercard, American Express) Or by PayPal
Entering payment information is handled securely by PayPal (including credit cards), when an X-onSports not keep any information about the payment details.
X-onSports company offers two types of shipping: registered mail by the Israel Postal Company and courier service To the customer home.
Orders are sent out several times during the week, no delays!
You may select the most convenient service for you.
Special department workers' unions and riding and running groups

According to the Consumer Protection Regulation of the Ministry of Industry ISRAEL, for a refund on clothing and shoes must be returned with in the original packaging (packing not open) up to three days after purchase. For a refund on all other products must be returned with in the original packaging (packing not open) up to 21 days after purchase.

X-onSports company enables its customers to return any product and get a full refund (!) up to 30 days from the day of the order, to products in their original package and without flaws and use.

Conditions for a refund / credit:
- The product was not used at all.
- Product returned in its original packaging and in new condition.
Please contact us before in "Contact" post
Please send returned equipment to:
X-onSports. PO Box 236 Rishon Lezion ISRAEL

1. General :
1.1. Without limiting the foregoing, the term "action" in these Regulations means any proposed acquisition, registration for the purchase, acquisition, any registration, advertising, advertising response and the like matters that require an active beyond reading on this site.
1.2. Any action on this site is subject to these rules below.
1.3. All who use this site (the "Client" and / or "User") describes himself as one who read this regulations rules. This and that he accepts, without reservation, irrevocably, all provisions of these regulations. This Policy is an agreement in all respects between the site and its users. If you do not agree with any of the Terms of Use please do not use the site.
1.4. X-onSports company is the registered owner of the site (the "Company"). Contact details of the company are:
X-onSports ISRSEL
PO Box: 236 Rishon Lezion ISRAEL
Tel: +972 52 3966080
1.5. For readability's worded in the masculine, but treat men and women equally. Where written Things plural, referring to either the singular, and vice versa.
1.6. The Company reserves the right to modify these regulations from time to time, without submitting prior notice.
1.7. Only the provisions of these regulations will require the site and company. Where there is conflict or mismatch between this regulations and the stated somewhere on the site or elsewhere ("the other source"), this regulations will prevail, even if it is an early source to the other, and even if the regulations is mentioned in the source - even if the other source - the other is more specific in relation to the relevant topic. All this only If and to the extent that the original - the other to expand the Company's rights and / or the Site and / or no source - the other to reduce the debt and / or Liability Company and / or website.
1.8. Site content and its applications, in whole or in part, may appear and be displayed on the Internet and / or any other communication media, including fixed line communications, cellular, satellite and / or other media it; conditions of use set forth in these regulations relevant and applicable on each channel and / or communications media which are and / or will the site content and / or application, in whole or in part, mutatis mutandis.

2. The purpose of this website :
2.1. This Web site ("Site") is the online store for sports equipment that provides users the option to purchase the products / services offered on the site.
2.2. Every transaction carried out on site is a direct deal between the X-onSports ISRAEL
3. Users :
3.1. Allowed to buy on this site every person aged 18 and over, in his possession a valid credit card.
3.2. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company may not allow a person to purchase products on the site and cancel orders placed, whether accepted in the past or not, in its sole discretion, without having to give reasons and / or without the need for prior notification.
3.3. Without limiting the foregoing will be explained that, not providing the option to purchase the site will make way, usually for reasons such as means of invalid payment, giving false details, harming society, harming the site and / or any supplier, physical and / or verbal damaging service providers of the company.
4. Prices
4.1. All prices in this site include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
4.2. The Company does not warrant the prices of products / services advertised on the site by advertisers to be the cheapest on market.
4.3. The Company reserves the right to change prices at any time for any reason, without any need to explain and / or without notice in advance.
5. Buying Process :
5.1. The buying process starts with a click with your mouse on products them interested user and / or customer to purchase and add them to their list of products that the user and / or customer wants to buy (the "Shopping Cart").
5.2. After selecting products and adding them to the shopping cart, the user and / or customer is required to enter a user name and password. In case the user is not registered, it is required to register on the site and enter information in the appropriate fields.
5.3. At the end of the registry and the selection of products, the customer will receive a shopping list that includes the products, prices and terms of delivery (the "order"). In the order phase the customer approves his details, choose a shipping method (see "Shipping"), choose payment method (see "payments" ) and confirm the order (the "order information").
5.4. Following the "order information" page the costumer will be transferred to a secured client SSL to enter credit card information.
5.5. At the end of the process, the customer will receive an email with order details and confirm this transaction.
6. Cancel Transaction :
6.1 The user may cancel a transaction, that is to back down from the purchase of the product and / or service within 33 days of receiving an email confirmation that the deal was confirmed and the credit card has been charged. All in accordance with provisions of the Consumer Protection Act -1881. For the avoidance of doubt, cancellation of a transaction as mentioned above will be done provided that company will get back the product supplied to the customer in a totally new condition and which was not unused, in its original packaging. The company is the only one which may decide whether the product is brand new and on compliance with the conditions of the cancellation of the transaction. In addition:
6.1.1 The Company will not cancel a transaction and will not accept clothing without the original label intact.
6.1.2 The Company will not cancel a transaction and will not accept underwear at all.
6.2. Cancel the transaction will be done by sending an email to the address and / or contacting the call center whose details appear on the site.
6.3 In case the credit card company will not accept the charge, the deal of that credit card holder will not honored and void from that moment.
6.4. The Company reserves the right to cancel any transaction posted on the site, for any reason, without the need to explain and / or without the need for prior notice, even if the user has already received authorization for the transaction.
6.5 Deal canceled pursuant to this paragraph, all payments already paid will be returned to the user (without differences of interest and / or linkage).
7. Confidentiality and privacy:
7.1. There is no obligation to provide any details of an individual or corporation, but non-delivery of information required in the process of registering and purchasing in the site may not allow the completion of a transaction.
7.2. The company and / or the site will not transfer any user information to third parties without the user's permission in advance and in writing.
7.3. Since this is an online environment where absolute security is not possible, all morality information on this site does so at their own risk.
7.4. The Company will use reasonable and acceptable efforts to maintain the confidentiality of its users and providers information.
7.5. The Company shall not be liable for any damages, lost profits, damage to the good name, reliance, removal, breach of contract, etc., directly and / or consequentially, if and to the extent incurred due to damage to confidential user information.
7.6. It is clarified that the registration of the site by the user, means the user's consent to receive e-mail from the company, including e-mail to encourage purchase of a product or service, which may include updates on various topics, information on a transaction, advertising, etc., and including messages their contents meets the definition of "advertising thing", according to Amendment 14 of the Telecommunications Law (1881). You may, at any time, notify the company you want to remove your address from the mailing list of the company, by sending a message to
7.7. The site and the company will be entitled to use the user's personal information for internal purposes only, such as the analysis of aggregate information on purchasing patterns and behavior of users and / or suppliers, and for purposes of investigating complaints and / or reviews, including using "cookies" (cookies). Each user can redefine the browser to refuse all the cookies or to indicate the cookies sent to him. However, note that number of sections of the site may not function properly if a user refuses to accept cookies. User file a complaint or query regarding the product / service specific, shall be deemed approved by the information society. Does not constitute any liability of the site or company handle complaints in any way at all.
7.8. The site and company will meet every request for delivery of information, including personal information and private information, if filed in accordance with the legal process, such as a search warrant, court order - Law and the like.
7.9. The company does not retain information related to credit cards, Paypal and anything related to means of payment, including credit card number, literature review, identity numbers and the like.
8. No Warranty:
8.1. The site and / or company are not responsible for the quality of products that are not X-onSports products. Information published on regarding the products obtained by the supplier and / or importer, are his responsibility alone.
8.2. The Company reserves the right to terminate the operation of the site at any time, for any period of time, for maintenance, due to the closure of the site and for any purpose and for any other reason. Cessation of such activity (temporary or permanent) not require prior notice or any explanation to anyone.
8.3. Product images that appear on the site are for illustration purposes only, as provided for the site by the suppliers and / or importers.
8.4. The site and / or company are not responsible and will not held accountable for any direct or indirect damage, loss of profits, expenses, Injury to reputation, reliance, breach of contract, tort, etc. caused to user and / or client with the site, its use, the products, the use of products due to the termination of the site (temporarily or permanently).
8.5. In the event that the product does not match the expectations and / or damaged through no fault of the customer, the customer must contact directly to the dealer and / or the service provider to the product purchased.
8.6. Responsibility for the propriety products only applies to the importer. The site and / or company are not responsible for and will not held accountable, directly or indirectly, abnormalities or other product, including clothing, shoes, sunglasses and all other equipment offered on the site.
8.7. Without limitation of listed above, the company undertakes that all products originating and approved by the importers and / or manufacturers and / or controlling shareholders or other brand and there never will be products on the website which are forged and / or counterfeit
9. Unauthorized use of the site:
9.1. Unauthorized use this site is not allowed.
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10.5. The Company has no obligation to provide site users signs or anything else that might help users determine whether the material in question is copyrighted or trademarked.
11. The applicable law:
11.1. Law applicable to all related on this website is the Israeli law only.
11.2. It is clarified that the provisions of sections 11.1 above also applies to using a non-resident and / or citizen of Israel, and in no event will the claim that Israel is not the proper forum and / or that apply to all dealings related to this site foreign law

Warranty for sunglasses and dust glasses is a year from the date of purchase.
To maintain over time sunglasses purchased, we recommend to keep them in the case when not in use, avoid exposure to temperatures of over 45 degrees, keep them from contact with sea water and sand, and periodically clean them with a little water and a soft cloth only.
X-onSports service system. We put at your service, after the purchase, care and repair service (subject to the presence of spare parts suitable for lab) .
Please take note that we can not provide service for glasses that were assembled in which lenses by another factor.

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