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Ski Goggles Speed
Ski Goggles Speed
Extreme ski goggles.
Quick Lens Replacement

Regular price:    156$   

Price on website:  113$
Ski Goggles Speed
Ski Goggles Speed
Quality Goggles , highly flexible and unbreakable.
Particularly strong double polycarbonate lens for clear sight.
Unbreakable lens without fragmentation.
Reflecting against steam and has many fan openings.
Goggles body made of unbreakable and flexible compound for increased longevity and protection of surfer's face, with 10 strong magnets for situating and connection to the lens.
Especially elastic fabric strip for customizing the size of head/helmet.
Wide silicon stripe for increased grasp.
Three layers of Hypoallergenic Foam for maximum comfort.

The kit contains dark lens with blue color coating for clear visibility conditions and orange lens with mirror coating shows for fog and clouds conditions, hard case and a fabric case with 2 cells for preservation and cleaning the lens.
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